Hernando Parra Nieto


Lawyer of the Externado University specialized on Trade Law. Master in Law of the Boston University. He has conducted multiple improvement courses focused on different law areas in countries such as Brazil, Italy and the United States. He overtook the international arbitration course of the Paris International Chamber of Commerce.

He has performed as internal Citybank lawyer, Secretary General and Judicial Vicepresident of the Colpatria Bank and also as part of the management board of Corpavi and Colpatria’s Bank and Trust. He has been associated judge of the Colombian Constitutional Court and member of the disciplinary tribunal of Bogota’s and Colombia’s stock market (AMV).

He is arbitrator at the Arbitration and Conciliation section of Bogota’s Chamber of Commerce. He is full professor of the Private Law area at the Externado University and also is professor at the specialization in financial law, trading law and international procurement. He is also founder of the lawyers firm PARRA NIETO Abogados.