In order to subscribe to the II Iberoamerican Congress of International Business Law, please fill up the following formulary.
Once you have paid, you must send a copy of the consignation, cash receipt, the authorization of the telephone transaction or a compromise letter to the following email address:
If any special price applies, in a single message send the respective voucher of the members of the group. Please annex a copy of the undergraduate or graduate students ID, respectively.

Cost of the subscription

• Full price: USD $127 ($350.000 COP)
• Cost for payment before September first: USD $110 ($300.000 COP)
• Special prices:
• USD $63 ($175.000 COP), graduate students (valid I.D); students of the Externado University and groups of three or more.
• USD $30 ($80.000 COP) undergraduate students (valid I.D)

Congress dinner

On October 19th 2015, a Congress´s dinner will be held. The assistance to the dinner will have an additional cost. If you wish to participate, you may register for the dinner at the moment of the subscription. Therefor you may download the subscription format with or without this option. The cost of the dinner per person is $130.000 (USD 50). Because of the limited sitting, the registration and dinner option will close on October 3rd, 2015.

Payment Instructions

In order to know payment alternatives to attend the event, please consult the following links:
1. Instructions for Colombian residents (Spanish)
2. Instructions for no Colombian residents (Spanish)

If you need further information, please contact us